BMW started manufacturing the 1 series in 2004, and they have kept making it since. The 1 series is a collection of hatchbacks that bring you the same excitement and pleasure as any other BMW in the company’s lineup. We all know how famous the Civic hatchback and the Audi hatches are and how they have made a mark in the industry. BMW wasn’t going to back down from such a fight, especially since they are one of the biggest German car manufacturers.
The BMW 1 series is available in a 3-door body style, a 5-door version, as well as a coupe and convertible. You can buy one, knowing that reliability won’t be an issue. But a BMW car is a car nonetheless and you can expect it to develop minor issues over time.
Here are a few you need to be aware of if you intend to buy a 1 series or you already own one.

Engine Stalling Issues

The BMW 1 series was recalled multiple times due to an engine cut off issue. The problem was in the electrical wiring that not only affected the engine but also other electrical components in the dash. Some users reported flickering dashboard lights, while others witnessed the headlights switching off with the engine.
The problem was found to be in an electrical wire that supplied power to the power distribution box. BMW changed that in the recalls, but if your car wasn’t recalled, you should get the issue resolved.

Power Steering Malfunction

There have been multiple issues reported regarding the BMW 1 series’ power steering. The steering wheel is known to lose power due to an ECU failure. In some cases, the issue is a bit more pronounced, which means that the entire power steering unit has to be replaced. BMW recalled many cars due to this problem. So, check your vehicle before you face such a conundrum.

Transmission Problems

Some BMW 1 series vehicles were recalled due to a transmission related issue. Users were reporting a loss in drive, where they were not able to select gears and shift into them. Experts were able to identify the problem and narrow it down to a small bolt that came loose in the clutch pressure plate. That’s not necessarily a part of the transmission, but the clutch plays an important role in helping the gearbox work.
If the clutch plate isn’t doing its job properly, you cannot shift gears. In a BMW 1 series, this issue can be solved by tightening a loose bolt. You can go to the nearest BMW workshop or a professional mechanic to get the issue fixed.

Fuel Pump Failure

Fuel pumps are known to be vulnerable to failure. They can malfunction due to several reasons, one of which is inadequate nickel-plating in the fuel pump. The petrol you pour into the tank has many chemicals in its mixture, some of which can damage the fuel system components, especially if they are not properly treated with nickel.
If you have this issue, you might have to change the fuel pump and get a new one.

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