We all have our preferences concerning cars. Some of us prefer sleek cars, others would rather be seen in a nice chunky 4×4. Some prefer a comfortable ride, others prefer a quick and sharp ride. Some are after a sporty look whilst others have 3 children to drive around and need good access to the back seats.

Megane owners say that their car is good value for money, especially compared to some German brands that are very pricey and generally do not give better options or quality. They describe it as a very good looking car that turns heads. Low to the ground and it has a unique face. The Coupe is more aggressively styled than the 5 door version. Available with many extras, like the electrically folding mirrors, keyless entry and cruise control. Comfortable and pleasant to be in. Barely affected by crosswinds. Good fuel and tyre economy. Gear change is light and precise. Enough space for luggage. The turbo diesel is said to be very feisty and quick off the spot.

Just the leg space in the back is a little limited and the indicators are not always noticed by other drivers.

No matter what car takes our fancy, there will always be common issues that might need solving. Let’s have a look at some examples of common issues with the Renault Megane.

Noisy and vibrating engine

The noise can be described as a whining sound. This occurs mainly when the engine is being started when it is cold.

What to do: Two causes have been indicated. It could be the inlet pipe that vibrates or the clip on the fuel pipe has broken and now allows the pipe to rub against the airco pipes. Both options are fairly easy to solve with a couple of spare parts.

Uneven engine running and idling

Quite a few Megane owners have noticed some unevenness when running the motor. Some have described it as a roughness and a stutter. This does not only occur when driving but also when idling.

What to do: When you have an issue like this it is highly likely that there is a fault with the ignition coils. Have them checked.

Failing injectors

A number of Megane owners who have bought new cars have mentioned that they had trouble with the failing injectors. Some even had this problem three times within the guarantee period.

What to do: You will need to get the injectors.

Hesitating or failing electric window mechanism

This is probably one of the more common issues. It normally causes the windows to either not open at all or not all the way down. As the window on the driver’s side is usually used the most often, it will be most likely to be noticed on that side first. But it has happened on other windows too.

What to do: There is a fault in the electronics of the door operation. You will need to replace the Temic module.

Front lights switching off

This is not an issue that has been pointed out by many owners but still is worth mentioning. This happens randomly. It can happen whilst you are driving in the dark. Obviously, this would be a rather scary experience.

What to do: In most cases the fault is in the electronic automatic headlights system. You will need to get it checked.

Reading about these common issues might help you find out what is wrong with your Megane. And knowing that used high quality used replacement parts are readily available without breaking the bank might help you put your mind at ease.

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