Mercedes started the A-class back in 1997 as a means to cater to the subcompact hatchback segment in the automotive market. Unsurprisingly, the car was a complete hit, and the A-class’ popularity grew multiple-fold over the years. The vehicle was small, cheaper than the other Mercedes cars and would handle like a dream.

There was no reason for the people not to like it, and Mercedes capitalized on that as the years passed. They introduced a sedan version along with a 3-door hatchback later into the A-class’ lifespan, and they all prospered.

However, the real reason behind the A-class’s popularity was hidden in its reliability. Mercedes cars are known for their durability, and the A-Class is no different. Having said that, some issues are always present in mass-produced vehicles, and the A-class is no different. Thankfully, the problems are not major and are easily solvable.

Common Issues

Here are some of the most popular issues found in a Mercedes A-class vehicle.

Starting Problems

After years of use, the starter motor in a car goes awry. You must replace it at the earliest possible convenience because delaying the matter only leads to future inconvenience. This issue is predominant in older A-class cars. These vehicles have seen too many days, and the motor, which is an electronic component cannot keep up.  Therefore, book a slot with your mechanic or replace the starter motor yourself with some DIY magic.

Limp-Home Mode Activation

Modern cars have fail-safe systems that allow your vehicle to tone down its functions. It comes in very handy when electronic components or other parts malfunction. In an A-Class, it is called the Limp-Home mode and it is activated when your car develops some serious issues, for example in the transmission.

A poorly welded part goes off in the A-class transmission, which activates the mode. Most of the time you can get it re-welded and finish the chapter. But sometimes, you have to find a replacement part and also change the gearbox if the clutch was damaged.

Power Loss

Losing power is extremely common in vehicles nowadays, especially due to low-quality fuel. Make sure you are always buying high-quality unleaded fuel for your car. Otherwise, you could feel a loss of power during acceleration. What happens is that the cheap fuel clogs up the fuel filter and then the fuel pump, restricting proper fuel delivery to the engine. The Mercedes A-class is pretty sensitive to this problem, so you have to be careful at all times. If you experience such a fault, use a fuel system cleaner and visit a mechanic as soon as possible.

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