Fiat and reliability go hand in hand with each other, and that has been the case with the brand since the beginning. The Italian automotive company, founded in 1899, is one of the oldest vehicle producers in the world. It means that they have worked and perfected their shortcomings to make cars that are reliable and durable.

The Fiat 500 is one of their vehicles that is known for its sturdy construction, economical powertrain and reliability. It first came out in 1957, at a time when small passenger cars were in high demand. The 500 took to fame almost instantly and sold in high numbers throughout Europe. The post-war era proved to be fruitful for Fiat and its vehicle roster, and that is when the company made a name for itself.

The Fiat 500, as its name suggests, came with a tiny 479 cc 3-cylinder engine that made a paltry 13 horsepower. However, over time, the Italian brand improved the powertrain to produce more power. The 500 Sport, the 500D, and the 500F were all better than their predecessors.

The 500 was discontinued after almost 2 decades of production. But it was reproduced in 2007 on the model’s 50th anniversary. The Fiat 500 2007 was based on the design of the 2004 Fiat Trepiuno concept. Fortunately, the model took off once again, and it is still in production today.

The new model has the same reliability and durability as that of the older generation. People still love it and look to purchase it over other small cars.

No matter how reliable a car is, some faults can still develop. If you know the common issues, you can solve them before they get worse and save yourself from spending too much money in the future.

Overheating Engine

Many users have reported that the 500 develops overheating issues over time. The coolant leaks from somewhere, and the warning light illuminates in the dash. You can also see this in the form of thick white smoke coming from the exhaust. When this happens, you must immediately pull over to the side of the road, switch off the car, and wait for the engine to cool down. You could permanently damage the engine if you keep on driving in this condition, so it’s better to be safe.

Faulty Power Steering

A failed power steering is a dangerous problem to have, especially when you are driving on the road. The Italian company recalled several models due to this fault. The faulty wiring beneath the steering column led to a loss in power steering, which meant that it became harder to control the vehicle in turns. There is no quick fix for this issue. If you are experiencing a loss in steering, then you should go to a mechanic and get the problem resolved as soon as possible. It might be repairable, but you might have to replace the entire steering column.

Oil Warning Light

Some users have reported that the oil warning light randomly illuminates in the dash. Most of the time, the issue is not related to the oil levels at all. Instead, it is the ECU that is misreading the signals. You can solve this by going to a Fiat dealership and getting the ECU refreshed.

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