When you talk about recycling an old car, you normally think of all the different parts that can be recycled or reused. And the metal that will be scrapped. You normally would not think of giving a car that can no longer be driven a totally different purpose.

We have seen cars that have been made into furniture. Especially vintage cars can look amazing with some leather added. Other cars have been made into ornaments for in the garden.

But when we saw this video, we thought this was something that needs to be shared with our customers. If you are going to watch the video, please be prepared for some bad language. Our apologies for that.

We have recently bought this exact carpool from its original owners. They did not use conventional materials that a car enthusiast would normally be using to make repairs and amendments. However, the end result is great!

As All Car Parts have managed to save this carpool from being left, forgotten and neglected, we now have it at our yard. For everybody to see.

Are you interested in buying our Carpool? Contact us, she is for sale. Or are you a keen DIYer and have you been inspired to start your own project? Check out our stock of cars. Surely we have a suitable car for you to get your hands dirty.

We would love to hear about your ideas and even see pictures in the future of what you have done with your old car.

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